Consultancy heading: helping television and media businesses to change and grow

Creative forums

Road Trip helps to enable companies to increase their capacity for creativity. We have a wealth of experience training and facilitating, and are comfortable designing and delivering sessions for companies of all shapes and sizes. We challenge conventional thinking and bring about sustainable change. We develop skills and organisational mechanisms, and are successful in bringing diverse people together for fruitful innovation.

Here are some of the things our approach is suitable for:

  • Creating a tangible understanding of what a business is about

  • Bringing departments or individuals together within newly merged or unwieldy organisations

  • The creation of new and unique ideas

  • Making strategy come alive

  • Establishing company values and brand identity

  • Motivating staff and giving them clarity of direction

We pride ourselves on agreeing clear and realistic actions by the end of each session, ensuring that all our programmes represent time well-spent. We expect to see the ideas that emerge from these sessions come to life when people go back to their day jobs, bringing value and profile to the companies we work with.