Consultancy heading: helping television and media businesses to change and grow

Business mentoring

Running any business can be a lonely experience and you may sometimes wish you could sound out your ideas with someone else, or just get a different perspective on things. Business mentoring is recognised as a valuable source of support for owners and managers of small and medium-sized firms who need help when making key business decisions.

Through business mentoring, Road Trip helps companies to build and realise their value and to achieve considerable growth. We do this by helping companies to identify the commercial, structural and cultural outcomes they really want and then working with them to build a road map which will take them there.

Caroline was one of the company advisors during Skillset's 2006 Indie Business Development Scheme, and is also a recommended expert for Pact's In.Indie scheme.

    Road Trip's business mentoring covers a wide range of issues, including:

  • Shaping projects and strategy

  • Generating and implementing ideas

  • Developing positive, consistent communication

  • Improving commercial impact

  • People management

  • Press and PR

At the heart of each piece of mentoring work is the creation of a meaningful and streamlined business plan; this can be used either to attract external investors or partners, or simply as a way of guiding the company towards its goals.