Equipping children & teenagers to live
their lives to the full

Our approach

We offer practical, unique life skills programmes for 10 – 16 year olds and believe that what we do really can change a person’s life. Our extensive experience allows us to tailor our techniques/content to work across a range of age groups, enabling those we work with to get the most out of their school and home lives and to reach their full potential.

Our programmes are designed and run by Monica McPeak-Watts, an expert with a long, strong track record in primary and secondary, mainstream and special, education and Caroline Beaton, a highly experienced trainer, coach & Business and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP*).

Together, we believe that the young people we work with have all the resources they need to navigate the challenges in their lives. We build on these resources, and our philosophy is to facilitate lasting change and solutions, rather than supplying a temporary feel-good factor or using gimmicks. Any practical experience, tools and techniques that we introduce will stay long after we're gone. Our materials are suitable for use by teachers within the PSHE syllabus, as well as being relevant for parents/carers/mentors and pupils themselves.

Our approach empowers, resonates and is relevant for all. We have a particular focus on transitional points in education and the challenges they bring. One of our primary aims is to equip those we work with to navigate change with maximum confidence and minimum anxiety.